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Did you know that NSW Safe Work & the NSW Environmental Protection Agency have strict regulations covering the removal & disposal of asbestos?

By law, ALL asbestos removal over 10 square metres in total,  requires a NSW Safe Work asbestos removal permit to be issued to allow the removal. If you engage a contractor to carry out asbestos removal, you are should confirm that the contractor is a licensed asbestos removalist & ask to see a copy of the NSW Safe Work permit to remove asbestos from your property. If a permit has not been issued by NSW Safe Work, you can’t be certain that your contractor will adhere to the regulations & legislation regarding SAFE asbestos removal. Asbestos is extremely dangerous if not handled & removed correctly so you could be placing your life & your family’s lives at risk by not using a licensed asbestos removalist.

The NSW EPA also has strict guidelines regarding the disposal of asbestos waste. A contractor must advise the EPA via the Waste Locate system of the amount of asbestos being removed & where the asbestos waste will be legally disposed. An EPA Waste Locate consignment number must be issued for all asbestos waste being transported to a tip facility for disposal. This confirms the removal site & the legal disposal of the asbestos waste. This information can be supplied by the contractor if requested by the homeowner.

If your contractor is unable to provide either of these documentations, they may not be licensed for asbestos removal or may be illegally dumping asbestos to avoid tip fees & NSW Safe Work & NSW EPA regulations.

For your own safety & protection, use only licensed asbestos removal contractors who obtain NSW Safe Work permits & use the NSW EPA Waste Locate system for tracking disposal of asbestos waste.

All Areas Demolition Excavation are proud to be fully compliant with all NSW Safe Work & NSW EPA regulations & requirements for asbestos removal. We are able to supply copies of all NSW Safe Work permits for asbestos removal & copies of the NSW EPA Waste Locate consignments, confirming legal disposal of your asbestos waste. Contact us today to arrange a free quote.

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